Bundling Press Hydraulic

Press ideally suited for pressing and bunlding of folded sheets (Signatures), brochures, book-blocks etc. for perfect and Hard-Case binding process.

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Bundling Press Hydraulic -PLC controlled-

Bundling Press HydraulicBundling Press Hydraulic Bundling Press Hydraulic
Bundling Press Hydraulic

To maintain the fresh look of the printed images and to protect the paper sheets from being damaged at the edges Sikandar Machines offers a Hydraulic Bundling Press. The Signatures (folded sheets), books, brouchers pressed by this Hydraulic Bundling Press and the bundles so produced can be stacked properly, which saves floor space and protect the sheets from air and dust.

The electrical and Hydraulic System of this Hydraulic Bundling Press is so designed that after putting the material for bundling, when switch is activated for operation of machine, the motor gets started automatically and after completing the operating cycle it gets off automatically. This saves power.

During processing the Bundle, when a set pressure (adjustable) to make a bundle for example 2000 Kg is achieved, the motor gets switched off but the set pressure is maintained for strapping the bundle, then with a Reset Push Button, the pressure gets released from bundle the pressure plate moves to home position and the motor again switches off automatically in home position and next refill is done in the Hydraulic bundling press.


Pressure Platen Size 410 x 260 mm
Pile Line (Min. - Max.) 550 - 850 mm
System Clamp Pressure 2000 Kgs.
Electrical Load / Motor 1.5 KVS / 2 HP
Electrical Supply 400/440 V AC 50 Hz. 3ph.
Overall Dimensions (W x D x H) 125 x 50 x 112 cm.
Net Weight (Approx.) 350 Kg.