Edge Squaring Machine

Edge Squaring Machine offered by Sikandar Machines is a very useful machine to flatten the spine of the books, exercise notebook.Mainly the machine is used for flattening the back of the exercise notebooks.

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Edge Squaring Machine

Edge Squaring Machine
Edge Squaring Machine
Square shape of spine similar to Perfect Bound Books.
Open books flat without any damage to spine.
Print on the spine section.
Square books are easy to handle for stacking and packing.

The book/exercise Notebook is hydraulically pressed by pressure clamp beams to clamp the book/exercise Notebook, spine is pressed by rollers by hydraulic cylinder horizontly (adjustable to suit paper used) which is controlled by PLC (Programmable Logic Control) that can be set to desired results.


Machine Size 85 CMS 33 Inches
Book Spine(Min-Max) 5-70 mm(Best Results)
Book Height(Min) 100 mm
Machine Space Required Front 140,Back 115 Height 100 Cms
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity 110 Ltrs
Electrical Load/Motor 2.25 KVA/3 H.P.
Electrical Supply 400/440 AC 50 Hz 3 ph
Net Weight/Gross(approx) 850/1000 Kgs Approx
Video edge squaring machines

Video First more than 13 years old and video second 10 years old of edge squaring machines

Video edge squaring machine 8 years old here under and another recent in open view working