Book Nipping Press Hydraulic Pressure

Book Nipping With Hydraulic Pressure

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Book Nipping Press Hydraulic Pressure Hydraulic -PLC controlled-

Book Nipping Press Hydraulic Pressure HydraulicBook Nipping Press Hydraulic Pressure Hydraulic
Book Nipping Press Hydraulic Pressure

Every body who tries their hands in bookbinding wants a real Book Nipping Press Hydraulic Pressure. There are many styles of book press that one can use but there are certain technical requirements that make some presses better than others. Basically a press used in bookbinding process consisits of a press screw which moves a floating platen up and down against a fixed platen.The platen faces screw to distribute the pressure from bottom point of contact with the press screw.
The same principal of pressing is used in this new Book Nipping Press Hydraulic Pressure with most latest technology of Hydraulic and electronics with best machanical operation.
Thread Sewn Book Blocks being prepared for hard case or soft cover binding need the NIPPING process of reducing or knocking out the SWELL in the spine,which is reduced by clamping the book block by hydraulically pressed plates & the spine is pressed by hydraulic pressure also which is controlled by PLC (Programmable Logic Control) that can be set to desired results.
Traditionally the book-blocks due for Hard or Soft Cover binding with the spine glued or unglued were hammered at the spine with a wooden mallet. This process could never assure uniform thickness of the spine, which adversely effects the Binding and finish of the books. SIKANDAR Book Nipping Presses carry out the above function effectively and efficiently.
Nipping results are best achieved if the signatures (soon after folding) are pressed in the SIKANDAR Bundling Press.
Excessive swell is reduced by clamping the book-block, the spine is pressed hydraulically to a set pressure (adjustable to suit the paper in use) and duration of stroke/s controlled with the help of PLC (Programmable Logic Control) set for the desired size.
Once the required parameters are set For a given lot of book-blocks, all books of the same lot will have uniform spine thickness.
Hourly production of 700/800 books with a single block of 300 mm spine thickness can be achieved on an average.
Operating features are options for Manual, Multi or Single Stroke, Book-Blocks procssed counter, Emergency Stop & recycle push buttons


Book Width mm 310 410 520
Book Spine ( Min-Max) mm 10-100 10-100 10-100
System Clamp Pressure Kgs 4000 4000 6000
Nipping Pressure(Adjustable) Kgs 2500 2500 4000
Electrical Load/Motor400/440 V AC 50 Hz 3 Phase Kva/H.P. 1.5/2 2.25/3 2.25/3
Hydraulic Oil capacity Ltrs 80 95 115
Overall Dimentions(WxDxH) Cms 63x119x94 73x119x94 85x119x96
Net Weight(Approx.) Kgs. 450 500 600