Smashing Nipping Press Hydraulic

Manufactured by Sikandar Machines Smashing Nipping Press Hydraulic for Book Binders.Smashing is the process of removing air from the folds and flattening the overall area of the book-block. Smashing strokes can be set in multiples to suit the flattening requirement. Book-block is held firmly and on completion of Smashing cycle under hydraulic pressure, the Nipping operation follows for knocking out the excessive swell in the spine.

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Smashing Nipping Press Hydraulic -PLC controlled-

Smashing Nipping Press Hydraulic
Some of the operator friendly features on the control panel are :
Emergency Switch to avoid an accident. Counter for keeping track of the production and the option of Manual or Semi-Automatic operation.
Clamping Pressure (Max. upto 4000 kgs.) for smashing & holding the book firmly during Nipping Cycle.
Smashing strokes (adjustable) from one to as many needed for the ultimate quality requirement, set through digital timers.
Nipping Strokes (maximum of 2) controlled through timers and adjustable hydraulic pressure.

Smashing Nipping Press is the latest addition for producing consistently high quality Hard-Case or Soft-Cover bound books in these modern times of machine-supported crafts.
Parameters (Controls) are provided for achieving best results with different Book-binding requirements, as follows :


Book Block Size 410 x 180 mm
Book Spine (Min.- Max.) 10 - 110 mm
System Clamp Pressure 4000 Kgs.
Nipping Pressure (Adjustable) 2500 kgs.
Electrical Load / Motor 2.25 KVA / 3 HP
Hydraulic Oil Capacity 95 Ltrs
Electrical Supply 400/440 AC 50Hz 3 ph
Overall Dimensions (WxDxH) 73 x 119x 96cm
Net Weight (Approx.) 550 Kgs.
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