Twin Cylinder Bookbinders Press Hydraulic

Hydraulic Book Press with two independent stations in size 15" x 20" with adjustable Pile Height upto 18". Pile Height can be adjusted by turning the handle-bars for moving the Upper Pressing Plate to the required day light area.The press can be used either in Manual or Auto mode, with each station, alternately or together, resting to loading position after pre-set time. The position to set time on a Digital Timer in Seconds or Minute increments Sikandar Machines always welcome your quiries, please contact us at
Twin Cylinder Bookbinders Press Hydraulic-PLC controlled-

Twin Cylinder Bookbinders Press Hydraulic
Twin Cylinder Bookbinders Press Hydraulic

SOME FEATURES: Twin Cylinder Bookbinders Press Hydraulic
The options available for use are:
Independent control through mode switch for left & right hand side platens.
By selecting the 2nd positions the stations will operate in tandem to a pre-set duration in Auto mode.
In position 1 & 2 both the platens will move up simultaneously with combined force of 12000 Kgs. Optionally Single plate in the size 20" x 30" can be supplied for pressing Book, Accounts books & Book cases which are larger than 15" x 20"

Hydraulic system is based on 3HP Power Pack and pressing force adjustable upto 6000 kgs. each.The pressure is retained for the time required and automatic return to the loading position. Power saving mode with PLC control is optional.


Independant plate sizes 15" x 20" Each
Combined Single plate size 20" x 30"
Pile Height (Adjustable) 18" (maximum)
System Clamp Pressure each 6000 Kgs.
Electrical Load / Motor 2.5 KVS / 3 HP
Electrical Supply 400/440 V AC 50 Hz. 3ph.
Overall Dimensions (W x D x H) 107 W x 80 D x 168 H cm.
Packing case sizes 193 cm X 127 cm X 101 cm
Net Weight/Gross Weight (Approx.) 700 Kg/ 1000 Kg.
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